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Just a few minutes ago the amount of money funded through Indiegogo went past $1,100, meaning The Sundays #3 will be finished and those of you who contributed will get your comic books. I just want to point out that there are still a lot of great perks left to snag before the campaign ends [...]

Holy crap, we’re just two-and-a-half days from the end of the Indiegogo campaign, and have less than $200 left to raise! It’s looking good for The Sundays #3 meeting its goal! So this is the point where we need you guys the most. Share a link to the campaign on your Facebook or Twitter, or [...]

This comic hasn’t been updated in a few months because I’ve got a few different projects going on simultaneously. Because I don’t make any money drawing The Sundays, this comic is something I do in my spare time, when I’m caught up on all my other work. However, I have a baby on the way [...]