Chapter Two, Page 23

Here’s the penultimate page of Chapter 2. Page 24 is done already, it goes up on Monday, and then Chapter 3 will begin at some point before 2013 gets here. The thing about all these gaps in the update schedule is because we don’t get any money to do this comic (indeed, it actually costs me quite a bit of money to keep this thing going), so paying gigs take precedence. Basically what I’m saying is, if you want more Sundays, please please please get out there and let people know. Link to us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+… we’ll even take MySpace. The more people we get looking at this comic, the more money we can bring in and the more time I can spend each week drawing more of it.

And if you haven’t yet, head over to IndyPlanet and order your copy of the first issue! The second issue will be available very soon (my copies are already being printed, I just need to wait for them to add it to the online store), and when you buy a copy it helps us out tremendously.

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