This comic hasn’t been updated in a few months because I’ve got a few different projects going on simultaneously. Because I don’t make any money drawing The Sundays, this comic is something I do in my spare time, when I’m caught up on all my other work. However, I have a baby on the way and I realized yesterday that my free time soon will be zero. If I don’t get some money to finish this issue, it’s never going to be finished.

With that in mind, I’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the rest of the issue. By kicking in a few dollars, that allows me to focus energy on completing the third issue so I don’t have to take other illustration work to pay my bills.

There are lots of cool perks you can get by donating money. For just $1.00 you get a PDF of all three issues, plus your name in the back of the comic in a “thank you” section. For $8.00 you also get a paper copy of the comic, and for $30 you also get this Indiegogo-exclusive sketch cover, on which I will draw your favorite Sundays character. It’s limited to 20 copies and as of this posting there are only 19 copies left to claim, so please hurry if you want one.

And to show that I haven’t forgotten about the comic, here’s a new page that hasn’t gone up on the website yet because I haven’t had a chance to color it yet.

Remember, even just a dollar helps us out tremendously, and you get a 72-page PDF for that price! Even if you can’t help us out monetarily, please give us a link on Facebook or Twitter, or just tell a friend that likes funny comics. Without your help, this comic is probably never going to be finished!

If you’re ready to donate, please go to the Indiegogo campaign here.

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