Chapter Three, Page 13

Hi! Welcome back to our comic. It’s been a while, I know.

So, back in 2013 we decided to use Indiegogo to crowdfund The Sundays #3. We met our goal, and since then I’ve been working on completing the issue. I’ve had some other art projects come along since then and also had a baby in November 2013, so unfortunately I found very little time available in my schedule to work on The Sundays. But the issue is finally finished and, if you contributed to the campaign, you should have already received a PDF of all three issues in your email.

And just for being a reader, we’ve released the first issue for free in PDF format. Put it on your tablet or phone to read on the go if you want, and share the link with a friend if you like it.

Since the third chapter is fully finished except for colors, at this point we’re going to be on a more-or-less regular schedule until the end of the chapter. I can’t guarantee it’ll be weekly updates, as I’m working on a 4-issue miniseries for Alterna Comics at the moment. But the second half of Chapter Three should go by much more quickly than the first.

You’ll notice that this page is one that was already released, in an unfinished form. I’ve gone ahead and finished the coloring and reposted it. From here on out it’s new pages you haven’t seen before, 11 more pages until the end of Chapter Three.

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