You may know this if you follow my Twitter, but I play way too much Draw Something. Here are some of my favorites from the last few months.

Challenge me if you play! My user name is “scottewen.”

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All my sketch cards are for sale. Penciled cards are $7, inked ones are $15, and colored ones are $20. I also take commissions and will draw any character you want.


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Hello! If you would like to hear the music that Cool Tommy B put on that tape I’ve made a spotify playlist of it:
Hopefully that link will work. If it doesn’t let me know. @KevinLSheath on twitter. You’re on twitter right?

I just ordered my copies of The Sundays #1 from Ka-Blam, so please don’t send any more pre-order requests. If you didn’t pre-order, you probably won’t be able to get a copy until the Detroit Fanfare Convention on October 26-28, in Dearborn, MI. After that, if I have any copies left over, I will sell them on the website here.

Note: Pre-order period has ended and the comic print run has already been ordered. If you didn’t pre-order the comic you might not be able to get one for awhile, but if you’re going to the Detroit Fanfare Convention on October 26-28 in Dearborn, MI, stop by my table and pick up a copy.

Hey everyone!

Remember this comic? It’s not dead, I’ve just been working on a big project that will be published later this year. I’m almost done and that means The Sundays is coming back real soon.

However, until then, you can re-live the glory days by purchasing the first issue printed on glorious paper. It includes 24 pages of crisp black-and-white artwork with a brand new cover.

I should have the comics by mid-August, but you can help me pay for the printing by pre-ordering a copy right now. Each copy is $3.99 and if you want to throw in an extra $2, I will send you a pencil sketch card along with your comic.* The sketch cards are limited to twenty, so order right now if you want one! It’s first come, first serve!

How to order:

Here is how. First, you’ll want to be a resident of the United States. International shipping is super expensive, and we’re working on getting these comics available in the UK, but until then this is for US residents only. If you really want a copy and are willing to pay exorbitant shipping rates, email me and we’ll work something out. But provided you live in the US:

  1. Start with $3.99 for the comic.
  2. Add $2 if you want a sketch card ($5.99).
  3. Add $5.30 for shipping ($9.29 for just the comic or $11.29 for the comic and sketch card).
  4. Send all that money via Paypal to [email deleted].
  5. Include your shipping address and who you want the comic signed to, if in fact you do.


  1. Come see me at Detroit Fanfare convention in October and buy a copy from me for $3.99. You won’t get a cool pre-order sketch card for $2, but I’ll draw one for you for $7 on the spot, if you really want one.

*Here’s the thing about these sketch cards: I’m only doing twenty of them, so it’s very limited. I’ll be doing 8 Stuart cards, 6 Teddy cards, 5 Rob cards, and 1 Cool Tommy B card, and inserting them at random into orders that paid an extra $2 for them. Normally I charge $7 for penciled sketch cards so this is not a terrible deal. You can request which character you want, but I reserve the right to ignore it and give you whatever card I have at hand.