Here is a page I drew for PUMMEL, the monthly art tournament on Penciljack. I didn’t choose the subject of the page, so if you are Marvel Comics please don’t sue me.

Rogue Steals Powers

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Here are the inks and colors for the last couple new pages of The Sundays in case you’d like to see them in high-res and without any letters. Click them to make ‘em bigger.

I try to do a sketch card or two a week as a warm-up exercise. They’re fun because I get to draw characters I would normally never draw, and I make a little money on the side as well. If you want to buy any of my cards, I sell penciled cards for $7, inked cards for $15, and painted cards for $20. I’ll also do any character you want for the same price, just hit up my deviantART or my Twitter and we’ll work something out. I’m going to give away a painted card for free once my deviantART page hits 15,000 views, so go look at it if you want one for free. Here are the last few I’ve done, and click ‘em to make ‘em bigger.

And finally, as you may know from the lack of updates over the last few months, I got some paid work from a writer named Mario Candelaria. It’s for a graphic novel anthology called The Reception and features a bunch of stories by different artists, all centered around the same wedding reception. It doesn’t have a publisher yet but I’ll let you know when it comes out. Until then you can see the pages without any dialogue on them. The first nine are my pages, and the next four are ones penciled by Joel Lolar that I inked.

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New page of The Sundays is coming real soon. Until then enjoy some sketch cards I’ve done recently.


Power Girl

Kitty Pryde






The Maxx




And also, my fiancĂ©e and I are getting married on August 20. I made the Save-the-Date cards and had them printed on glossy cardstock to mail them out as postcards. I had to cut 70 cards out but they’re all done now and on their way! Hooray weddings!

70 Save the Date cards!

I’m still working on my project with Mario Candelaria, so new pages of The Sundays are still on hold, but until we return here are some new Artist Trading Cards I’ve done.

Wolverine sketch card

Invincible sketch card

Batman sketch card

Supergirl sketch card

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In addition to drawing The Sundays I also write and draw a zombie comic called Flight of the Living Dead for A new page went up today and you can read it here: