I’m looking to put some advertising on this site… nothing too obtrusive, just some graphical ads on the right sidebar over there to help pay for the cost of this website. Of course, if you’re reading this via the RSS feed you’ll never see the ads.

We’re going with Project Wonderful, an advertising site that uses an auction system, meaning you can bid a few cents or a few dollars on a website and see your ad go up immediately if you’re the highest bidder. This means I get to design some ads of my own so I can start spreading the word about The Sundays on other webcomic sites. Here are four I’ve designed so far: two skyscraper ads, a square, and a rectangle ad.


Here’s page 2, with just the inks and just the colors, for anyone interested in seeing it.

The Sundays page 2, just inks by ~ScottEwen on deviantART

The Sundays page 2, just color by ~ScottEwen on deviantART

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Here’s the first page of The Sundays with no color, and a version with the dialogue balloons removed so you can see all the artwork. Click either version to make them bigger. I’ll probably post these alongside each page from now on.

The Sundays page 1 by ~ScottEwen on deviantART

The Sundays page 1 colors by ~ScottEwen on deviantART

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